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Starting with 2012, Romania has joined the international network of Corporate Games, the biggest sport event in the world, that promotes mass sports for amateurs, activity and the general values of sport.

During 24th to 27th of May 2012 the first edition of the event took place in Bucharest and in the following period of 6 -9th of June 2013 the second edition takes place, according to the schedule.

Corporate Games’ story starts in California, USA, in 1986.

The first step in organizing the event was identifying a host city. From a wide range of possibilities, San Francisco was chosen, having its mayor Diane Feinstein, now senator of the US, fully support the concept from the beginning. San Francisco was the perfect place to hst the inaugural edition of Corporate Games in 1988. It turned out to be a big success. Concord, a neighbouring city in California, asked for the right to organize the event the following year, 1989. Hawaii was next and Honolulu kicked off the third edition, drawing thousands of participants from around the world, having the awards ceremony on the beach.

Respecting the international spirit of Corporate Games, the fourth edition was hosted by France. They offered an astonishing opening ceremony on the Stadium de Nord, under the patronage of president Francois Miterrand.

One after another, the biggest cities in the world competed in offering a ceremony that was more and more grandiose with each edition. Athens, Istanbul, Geneva, Seville, Zagreb and Leeds are just a few of the hosting cities. In July 2010, 23 years since the first international Corporate Games event, Moscow was the host.

Our Vision

Based on the expertise acquired on an international level, we strive to organize, promote and coordinate sporting competitions in a corporatist environment.

The concept

Corporate Games is a combination of sport, business and tourism, gathered together in a festival of corporate competitions.

Our mission

The essence of our activity is to bring people together through sport and to encourage:

Team spirit
An active lifestyle
Business opportunities
Social integration
Corporate Games gives the opportunity to each participant, regardless of the sporting abilities, to be part of a grand competition.


There is no limit to the number of teams and people who can participate.

Multinational corporations, medium or small enterprises, ONGs, associations, state institutions- they are all welcomed to join the competition.

Members, employees, managers, consultants, agents, employee’s family and friends and business partners can participate.

Sports Competitions

One of the fundamental concepts is the dual system of score keeping: athletes can score for individual medals and at the same time for the ranking of the organization they are part of.

Scoring system

The ranking of the corporations is calculated on the first 8 participants who finish the race. At team sports, this score is multiplied by the number of participants.

Championship Divisions

It is based on the number of athletes each organization has entered in the competition, so that the bigger corporations compete against each other, same going for the smaller companies.

This system guarantees fair chances of winning a division for each athlete, regardless of the organization size they are representing.


Organizations and athletes can win the prestigious Medals, accumulating points during the sports competitions.

Sport for Life Trophy

The trophy is granted to the company with the biggest number of participants, as recognition for the management team who achieved this and have a responsible attitude towards sport and the health of their employees.

The Medals Trophy

Is granted to the corporation that has the biggest number of medals won by its members.

The Division Trophy

Is granted to the corporation that cumulated e highest number of points in each division.

The Sports Trophy

Each sport has its champions and this trophy is granted to the corporation with the best results at a sport.

The Corporate Games Medals

Athletes ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd place receive medals as recognition of their achieved performances.

Special Events

These are the grandiose ceremonies, athletes’ parades and parties organized especially for the corporations and the participants to get the chance to know each other, socialize and have fun together.

Registration at the SuperCenter

All athletes, officials, referees, VIP, media representatives must register, this being the first event to show the status of Corporate Games.

The big Athlete Parade

An extraordinary way to get into the spirit of Corporate Games, while also creating an opportunity for promoting each participant and corporation that joined the competition.

The opening speech, a message from the Corporate Games CEO, presentation of the Corporate Games schedule and the opening ceremony are all part of this special festivity.

Gala dinner

There is no other system that promotes a day to the Host City, so that new business and investments opportunities can be created, while also showing the potential of Corporate Games in promoting businesses.

Closing ceremony

The medallists of the Corporate Games and also representatives of the winning corporations per sport and in the general ranking are awarded during the closing ceremony of Corporate Games.

Corporate Games Patrons

Along the years, Corporate Games was organized under the patronage of some remarkable people from administration, sport and business domain. Here are just a few who inspired life in Corporate Games:

Printesa Anna UK Royal Family

Nelson Mandella President of South Africa

Francois Mitterand President of France

Sheik Nathayan Mabarak Education and Research Minister of Qatar

Dr. Mahathir Mohamed Prim Minister of Malaysia

Juan Antonio Samaranch International Olympic Committee

Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United Club

Eddie Irvine European Council

Elisabeta Lipa President of the Canoeing Federation

Participant Organizations

Over 18.000 big , medium and small companies participated in the Corporate Games event along the years and they continue to join this sporting festivity year after year.

In Romania we count on the local subsidiaries of multinational corporations which already have experience in Corporate Games from other countries: Vodafone, Orange, Sony, IBM, Nokia, Siemens, Unilever, Canon, DHL, Citigroup, Microsoft, KPMG, Land Rover, Jaguar, CORA, Carrefour, Auchan, Metro, Real, Selgros, BRD-Societe Generale, BCR-Erste Bank, Bancpost, Reiffeissen, etc.

We are certain that among the participants there will be teams of local and central public authorities, ministries etc.

We also count on the Romanian companies who are the principal ball players on the market, such as: BCR, RBS, Vodafone, BAT, JTI, Philip Morris, Selgros, Kaufland, RCS-RDS, InterAgro, Top Brands Distribution, Arabesque, Dedeman, etc.

Last but not least, we also welcome ONGs, representatives of the parishes, non-professional sporting associations etc.

The idea is that anyone can participate and business partners and family members can be part of a company’s team, next to their employees.

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